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Smelling Swell

I’ve used regular anti-persperant for years. Each time I apply, I have this guilty tinge, knowing it’s not good for me. I knew it had aluminum in it and aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s. I’m pretty much banking on losing my mind because that’s what happens to old people in my family.
My sister told me about an alternative she recently started using so I gave it a shot. It’s an all natural deodorant (not anti-persperant). It’s been working great. I don’t think I’m sweating any more. In fact it seems I’m sweating less for some strange reason. It smells okay, not super fantastic, but pleasant enough. I don’t really care though, because I don’t smell anything after I apply it. It’s a little more hassle since it doesn’t come in a handy swipe-on container. You have to dab some on your finger and rub it in. Then go wash your hands. It’s fine. If it keeps me from getting Alzheimer’s, from getting stinky, or from losing a boob or my life, I’ll deal with that little hassle. soapwalla
I bought my natural deodorant from a shop on Etsy. It’s called Soapwalla. I’m a fan, even though it costs a lot. 2oz costs $14 plus shipping. It might not last as long as a regular stick of deodorant either. But I know it’s a healthier choice.
As I keep making these baby steps to more natural and healthy things in my home, I will probably try making my own when this little gem needs replacing. I’m cheap like that.