Going Crunchy- New Year’s Resolution

As an art major in college, I had the opportunity to view a lot of portrait paintings. A professor once told me the images of royals from a certain time period grew uglier and uglier. This was due in part to the fact that royals had to marry other royals and the intermarriage started to really effect the offspring. One can only marry a first cousin for so many generations I guess. Ugly Dutchess
Another factor in the demise of these royal’s looks and intelligence was that they had recently discovered mercury. It was fun to play with, beading up all shimmery and stuff. They made mercury pools in their castles and played with this toxic substance and they went crazy for it. Literally.
My sister told me about a website, ewg.org, that lists a bunch of different common household products and rates how toxic they are for our health and for our environment. It’s disturbing. After looking up much of what is in my household, I think I’ll make some changes. These “unhealthy” things are hitting a soft spot for me now. I just lost a dear friend and college teammate to cancer. Darcie was the epitome of self-discipline, health and life. It doesn’t make any sense. My 5 year old has asthma, and at the age of 37, I have recently developed asthma too, needing an inhaler at least a few times a week to stop coughing.
It occurs to me that we have mercury pools in our homes. Our cupboards full of cleaning products, all the cleansers, deodorants, detergents, and disinfectants have so much bad stuff in them. They are poison. It says so right on the bottle. The foods we buy from our grocery stores are outlawed in many countries because so many others realize the health risks us Americans haven’t wanted to recon with. It’s too expensive and inconvenient.
This year, I’m making a list of all the chemicals, creams, deodorants, etc. that are in my home. I’ll work to find or make an alternative solution, one that is healthy for me and my family. There is a ton of information and resources available in this regard. We just need to see how important it is to our health and the health of our children.
When the baby detergent I paid extra for because it was better for my baby gets an F on the toxic scale, I must find a better method of cleansing. Things are not what they seem in the brightly lit shopping aisles of our big box stores. Turning a blind eye to the dangers that surround us is too easy. As we keep telling ourselves that ignorance is bliss, we are killing ourselves with poison. I aim to do a little better this year.

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