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Home Made Honey Wheat Bread

I have a bread machine. It’s fantastic. Well, almost fantastic. I take the dough out for the final rise and put it in a regular bread dish to bake in the oven because I don’t like the shape of the bread machine loaf. Also, I can’t just leave it because if it cooks with the paddle in it, then I have a big hole in the bottom of my loaf. Still, the bread machine is great. It takes about 6 minutes to put about 6 ingredients in there and then presto! It’s almost done, except for the aforementioned transfer an hour later.

Whole Wheat BreadWhy do I make my own bread? Well, I started to because my 3 boys eat so much and I had to make extra trips to the grocery store for said purchase. It became easier to just make a loaf every other day. But there are also the health reasons. It’s difficult and expensive to find bread that only a short list of ingredients that I recognize. For example: the “healthy” whole grain bread I’ve long enjoyed has terribly long list including things like pyridoxine hydrochloride. It says in parenthesis that this is vitamin B6. So there goes the theory that you should avoid anything with words you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. It seems Milton’s is pretty good for you. Still, I’m ending my hiatus. I stopped making my own bread for the past several months, but I’m starting it up again. The big bread machine will once again occupy my counter space. Also, the house smells fantastic when fresh baked bread aromas fill the air.

Here is my go to recipe:

Basic Honey Whole Wheat Bread – 2lb loaf

1 ¼ cup warm water
1 tsp salt
2 ½ Tbs unsalted butter
2+ Tbs Honey (sometimes use much more)
1 ¼ cups Bread Flour
2 ½ cups Whole wheat flour
½ cup Flax meal
2 ¼ tsp Yeast (1 packet active dry or instant bread machine)

I sometimes throw in some Kashi 7 grain cereal or wheat germ etc. Also, next time I think I’ll try putting in some sprouted lentils. I love these!

It needs to rise twice before baking at 350 for 40 min.

Mine just finished cooking. The house smells great. I’m going to go enjoy a warm slice now. With honey. Mmmm.