A little creative outlet here…

My love for photography began at the age of 9 with a 110 camera on a train ride across the country with my grandma. Blurry landscapes of fields and mountains as the train traversed the states.

Studying art in college, time passed in another dimension developing photos in the darkroom, moving from light to dark and back again, watching shapes appear on photo paper under dim red lights with the smell of developer filling the air. Photography has changed a lot since then, but it’s still magic looking through the lens, composing a photograph.

“You are a painter, my dear” said Linda Cushing as she taught me oil painting techniques at the beginning. It took me awhile to embrace this. Time passes differently here too, always working with the next stroke of the brush, the next mix of color.

Lately, music has become a larger part of my artistic experience. I started playing piano and singing in choir very young. For most of my adult life, singing and piano stayed solo activities. Now I’m lucky to connect with people who are also passionate about music. More and more, I get to do this with them and meet new people along the way.

I love capturing moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, unappreciated. My mission is to cultivate beauty.